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The Case of Valeant; Not Over By a Long Shot

By • Nov 2nd, 2015

Now that Valeant has cut off the gangrenous Philidor arm, we may never know the true extent of any accounting manipulation or fraud. And then again it may all come out when the rest of the organization is scrutinized. I’d say be prepared for big inventory writeoffs, or maybe even a restatement.

Failure to Earn: What Scattershot Enforcement of Sarbanes-Oxley Clawbacks Tells Us About Paybacks Under Dodd-Frank

By • Oct 20th, 2015

I wrote at MarketWatch about the SEC’s proposed Dodd-Frank clawback rule.

McKenna Interviewed On KPMG And FIFA By The Bottom Line Canada

By • Oct 19th, 2015

I was interviewed by The Bottom Line magazine in Canada back in June on KPMG’s role as auditor of FIFA.

McKenna Interviewed By The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report

By • Oct 18th, 2015

I was interviewed back in August by Tom Fox for his podcast on FCPA compliance and ethics issues.

The NYDFS Case Against Promontory and the Bigger Problem of Big Four Bank Consulting

By • Aug 23rd, 2015

Bank regulators should start hiring the consultants that are responding to bank regulatory sanctions, consent decrees and NPA/DPA legal orders directly, and also strictly monitor them. It’s time to change for regulators to change their approach before another waste of time, money and public trust occurs.

PCAOB’s Franzel Speaks to AAA; Are Auditors’ ICFR Opinions Just “Busy-Work”?

By • Aug 9th, 2015

Auditor opinions on ICFR are not only not being done well, they are not producing warnings for investors and regulators that a material error and restatement is likely. Worse than that, when auditors get them wrong they whitewash their mistakes.

SEC News at MarketWatch

By • Jul 19th, 2015

On July 21 Dodd-Frank will be five years old. If I hadn’t been through the same thing with Sarbanes-Oxley now twice, I’d be more excited. But the partisan rancor on this law, especially at the SEC, is even worse.

Speaking Engagements/Conferences

By • Jul 12th, 2015

Next Up: July 15, 2015, Speaking with Broc Romanek, editor of the, to the Shareholder Services Association Annual Meeting. Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C..

Looking Into SEC’s Equity Markets Structure Committee at MarketWatch

By • Jul 5th, 2015

My piece on the SEC’s new Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee, spanning several online pages, is now out at MarketWatch.

re: The Auditors is now at MarketWatch

By • May 31st, 2015

May 18, 2015 was my first day on the job as a reporter for MarketWatch in Washington, DC, the sister online publication to the Wall Street Journal and Barrons that focuses on retail investors. Yes, I have taken a full-time journalism job and I have moved. I found out about the job via Twitter. (Twitter […]