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New research: Accounting students are not generally psychopaths but some slip through

By • Jun 17th, 2016

New academic research says accounting students are less likely to be psychopaths who will commit fraud but surprising admissions by some suggest a reason to be wary.

PwC Settles Campbell Overtime Case; Impact To Profession Is Happening Now

By • Mar 2nd, 2015

PwC recently agreed to settle the Campbell v. PwC overtime class action lawsuit pending in California. I first wrote about the case on October 25, 2007. Here’s an excerpt from my wrap-up at

The Saga Of Stephen Glass: A Guest Post Morality Tale From Eric Starkman

By • Feb 19th, 2014

Is it fair to “tar and feather” professionals when they are sued or only when they are convicted of crimes? How much time must pass before they can get on with their lives?

Madoff, MLK, Buddha And Elusive Nature of Self-Interest

By • Jan 20th, 2014

Your first obligation as a professional is to your client, not your firm, your partners, or even your family.

An Interview For The Society of Professional Journalists Region 1 Conference

By • Jun 11th, 2013

David Levitt of the Society of Professional Journalists Region 1 in New Jersey
asked me back in April to answer a few questions for a conference panel I, unfortunately, could not attend live.

McKenna Interviewed By Public Relations Site Gorkana

By • Mar 18th, 2013

Gorkana covers the latest industry news for the PR and corporate communications community. I spoke to Social Media Executive Ebunola Adenipekun last fall about the evolution of this blog, its relationship to its readers and my interactions with the public relations, corporate communications community.

Blogging – My Religion

By • Aug 30th, 2012

So, if you’ve ever wanted to put your stuff out there, tell your story, be judged on what you know, not what box you may have found yourself in…
Just do it. It’s not hard. It’s pretty forgiving. It’s neat.

“Wait! I Was Just Getting Started…”

By • Aug 9th, 2012

“If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” Henry Miller

Will More Women Mean Better Audit Firms?

By • Nov 26th, 2011

This column originally appeared in Going Concern on June 16, 2010. From the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce website: Deb [DeHaas] is the vice chairman and Central region managing partner for Deloitte LLP, which includes 23 offices across 12 states. With 9,000 professionals, Deloitte is the largest Big Four organization in the region. In this role, […]

In Memoriam – Roberta Gilna Merkel

By • Oct 16th, 2011

Executive search is a lot like the real estate business. Headhunters, with very few exceptions, like realtors, are getting paid by the seller or the company that is selling the job that you, as a candidate, are buying. The best ones manage this ethical dilemma well, especially when the compensation package, like the purchase price of […]