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Canceled: Why I Won’t Be Speaking At Ethics And Compliance Officers Association Annual Conference

By • Sep 17th, 2013

What are the ethics of an “ethics and compliance organization” canceling a speaker because sponsors complain? Welcome to the world of trade conference pay-to-play and “money talks, critical speakers walk”.

EY Bets The Farm On Advisory With Vision 2020: A Guest Post From Mark O’Connor

By • Jun 30th, 2013

Lofty goals like EY’s Vision 2020 serve a promotional purpose to attract top talent, and create the rationalization for promises of vast internal opportunities to keep top performers engaged. But unintended consequences would likely foreclose any real possibility that the $50 billion aspect of EY’s 2020 strategic plan could be executed as currently conceived.

More Conflicts For The “Independent” Foreclosure Reviews

By • Jun 30th, 2013

PwC has an ongoing independence conflict in performing the Ally/ResCap independent foreclosure review. This conflict is disturbing on two fronts.

A Summary of Writing on the “Independent” Foreclosure Reviews and the AG Mortgage Settlement

By • Feb 1st, 2013

Here’s a compilation – updated – with links for the columns/posts I’ve written about the mortgage servicer foreclosure reviews mandated by the April 2011 SEC/Fed consent orders, the April 2012 Attorneys General mortgage settlement and the intersection of the two regulatory actions.

Foreclosure Settlement Shuts Down Reviews: Banks Will Continue Business As Usual

By • Jan 13th, 2013

It’s easy to forget, with all the propaganda being published by major media, why these Fed/OCC consent decrees were issued in the first place. The fact that a borrower may be in default does not negate the overwhelming evidence that court cases have provided that banks proceeded fraudulently and illegally in some foreclosures and looted those borrowers and institutional investors in mortgage securities by charging fraudulent and illegal fees in the process.

PwC and Thomson Reuters: Too Close For Comfort

By • Dec 26th, 2012

Here’s the thing…The perception of auditor independence is as important, or maybe even more important, than the fact of auditor independence. This is not new.

Communicating in the Time of Facebook: An OpEd By Roopen Roy

By • Dec 10th, 2012

How do you connect with your target audience? Game-changing technologies influence how you communicate with the young (and the not-so-young) social media-savvy crowd.

McKenna Panelist At NYU On Auditor Independence And Consulting

By • Nov 28th, 2012

I was at New York University’s Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research to speak on a panel that included Paul Volcker, Bob Herz and a lawyer representing PwC and EY. The Ross Roundtable on the “Impact of Reemergence of Consulting Practices at Major Audit Firms” was well attended.

SAP’s Big Expensive Acquisitions

By • Oct 17th, 2012

Here’s the background on SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors, a cloud-based HR application.

Huron Consulting, Its Executives and PwC; All’s Well That Ends Well

By • Jul 23rd, 2012

The Huron Consulting case is a great one if you would like to see examples of almost everything that’s wrong with the audit industry, the regulation of the industry and “reforms” like Sarbanes-Oxley.