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BDO – Nibbling Away At Their Viability

By Francine • Sep 8th, 2007

Given all that’s at stake for BDO in the Banco Espirito Santo (BES) judgement, and everything else on their mind it’s a wonder any court considers an agreement like this worth the paper it’s printed on…
$19M deal struck to settle Suprema suit
The former auditor of failed cheese company Suprema Specialties and several others will pay [...]


The Topic Is BDO – Discuss

By Francine • Aug 24th, 2007

Neil McIntyre, CA-in-Waiting and Canadian boy-wonder blogger, wrote a post recently called, Sucks To Be Seidman. Neil is feeling this crisis personally and, if his picture wasn’t so darn cute, I would worry he was verklempt.
Reasonable assurance is neither reasonable nor assured. 
Neil says:
“By now, the verdict in the BDO Seidman lawsuit has been covered by [...]