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New Work Appearing At Al Jazeera Online

By Francine • Jan 30th, 2014

Two new pieces, on ethics and investor protection, at Al Jazeera America Online.


Writing For University of Chicago Booth School of Business Capital Ideas Magazine And Blog

By Francine • Jun 13th, 2013

I’m writing for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Capital Ideas magazine and blog now, too. The purpose is to highlight faculty research.


McKenna Finalist For UCLA’s Loeb Awards For Business Journalism

By Francine • May 19th, 2013

I have been named a finalist for UCLA’s Gerald Loeb Awards for my work in Forbes magazine last year. I’m a “professional who writes” but also a professional writer and a journalist. You’ve been warned.


Jeff Connaughton’s “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins” – A Book Review

By Francine • Sep 7th, 2012

Jeff Connaughton’s new book, “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins”, is a must read during the Presidential election season.


A Book Review: Models.Behaving.Badly. By Emanuel Derman

By Francine • Nov 21st, 2011

One of the wonders of Twitter is the people you meet.
You can write the tool off as talk, talk but it’s been a wonderful window to new worlds for me. People I would have never imagined knowing are in my life because we can gauge common interests passively. Which interests you reveal are entirely of [...]


McKenna Now Writing At American Banker

By Francine • Sep 16th, 2011

I’m writing now for American Banker. My first column covers a new appointment at Deloitte and how this might affect the firm’s clients in the mutual funds industry.


CNBC’s Cramer Spits Into Wind On Clawbacks Of Fraudulent Bonuses

By Francine • Jun 25th, 2011

CNBC’s JIm Cramer went off this week on the JP Morgan Securities settlement with the SEC. In his mind, someone, everyone got off too easy. It’s a familiar lament.


@ Accountancy Age: An Opinion Piece On The US Audit Reform Debate

By Francine • Mar 16th, 2011

I’ve written an opinion piece for Accountancy Age comparing the auditor reform debate in the US – what there is – to the active debate in the UK.
Here’s an excerpt:
In the US, the Big Four leadership is noticeably absent from any public conversation of audit or audit industry reform. It’s hard enough for reporters to [...]


Birds On A Wire: How Do The Firms Get The Word Out?

By Francine • Mar 9th, 2011

This article was originally published on October 7, 2009.
It’s been a while since an update on the PwC/Satyam fraud for re: The Auditors. Rest assured, it’s all still a big problem for PwC. Their partners are still in jail but the wheels of Indian justice turn slowly. I did receive reports that India’s accounting [...]


It’s Only Money: How PwC Got Jammed Up On The AHIP Report

By Francine • Feb 27th, 2011

This post was originally published in on October 14, 2009.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Analyze a few numbers for an insurance industry lobby and write a report.  I suspect this was, at most, a $150k engagement. Small change.  But that’s what trusted advisors do.  Come, panting, when called.  Help clients [...]