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    It’s been a little busy at re: The Auditors HQ lately.  For the last two weeks I have been working on-site at a client, doing IT Governance/SOx related work.  Yes, I still do real work – to pay the freight for the privilege of writing and to stay close to the content.  Nothing like seeing an environment with multiple Big 4 vendors, a few staffing firms, and several internal audit directors in the last few years to limber up your joints. 

    Question for the Audit Committee experts in the field:  What’s your view on “confidential” meetings with Audit Director and external audit firm (separately) that are not detailed in Audit Committee minutes?   Inquiring minds want to know…

    Tomorrow, Monday May 4th, I will be speaking at the Houston IIA Chapter meeting at the request of one of their officers, Catherine Hasley, a Twitter friend.  Noon at the Houston Club.

    My presentation: “Lessons From Current Crisis – What’s An Internal Auditor To Do?”

    The focus is on two case studies, AIG and Société Générale.

    There’s a Tweet-Up/Meet-Up at the Flying Saucer that evening.  Here’s the Twitvite with details.  Hope to see all my Houston-area readers there.

    This past weekend I attended a conference called SOBCon – Biz School For Bloggers.  A good friend and mentor in the Chicago area, Liz Strauss, is the guiding light of this community.  I was not able to attend all the sessions but what I saw was super-valuable for both the content and the context.  It’s often difficult to remember, when you’re so immersed in it, that everyone doesn’t blog, everyone doesn’t Twitter, everyone doesn’t want to be on Facebook.  (Count me in the last group but it’s a necessity in my chosen endeavor.)

    Being in a group of experienced bloggers and experts in advertising, public relations, marketing communications, e-commerce, and the technology of “social media” – all that I am doing right now – was invaluable.  I met many wonderful people, got to know some even better, and learned a lot about how the business of blogging is done. This learning included seeing how seasoned veterans like Liz get the message out and help others to achieve their goals.  In addition to this great “inside world,” we enjoyed a beautiful Chicago “outside world.”  It was an amazing weekend here, finally warm and sunny.  At a few events we were able to sit outside, sip a cold beverage, and enjoy the amazing Windy City skyline.  

    Doesn’t get any better than that.

    One of the conference sponsors is right up our alley, GOGO Inflight, WiFi for your airline flight.  Darren Waxman, their Director of Brand Development and Interactivity, was the nicest guy. 

    Just for you, my readers:

    Save 25% off Gogo Inflight Internet on select American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America flights. Promotional code expires 06/30/09. Visit: www.aircell.com/gogo-offers for Terms & Conditions. Promo Code: 114dek88gogo

    Thank you! Happy Travels! from Gogo Inflight Internet.

    I also have some coupons for one free inflight internet session.  To win one, send me a haiku about travel, to my Twitter account @retheauditors.  The three best haikus by Wednesday, May 6 EOB,  will get a coupon.

    If you don’t know how to haiku, go here.  

    If you don’t have a Twitter account yet – what are you waiting for? The community of accountants and auditors is huge and growing bigger every day.  And there are also tons of recruiters there.  And so many other interesting folks.  

    Follow me and I will follow you back, lickety-split.

    Just do it.

    Here’s my haiku to get you started.

    Wings up, free as bird.

    Go-going to some places

    never forgotten.


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    1. Your question

      What’s your view on “confidential” meetings with Audit Director and external audit firm (separately) that are not detailed in Audit Committee minutes? Inquiring minds want to know

      There may be good reasons for this – perhaps a going concern qualification that the AD is worried about ? I would not think the AD was the only one present. What about the CFO ? Not recorded, detailed or minuted, though ? That sounds unprofessional at least, deliberately “forgetful” and probably contravenes some audit protocol at least, without necessarily being fruad or corrupt. Worth digging…..

    2. I drive and I fly
      With red pen in hand, I test
      On Friday I venture home

    3. Lots of stuff out there is saying Deloitte is serious about being bought out by IBM? Do these rumors have any weight? Great, outsource our audits to IBM who will send a big chunk of the workforce to India. This is great!

    4. Season of the bee
      Utilization is high
      The airport: my hive

      — Tenacious T.

    5. Journey into the ether
      Between the night and the dawn
      Gossamer wings fly

    6. WOW! I love all the haiku! Keep it coming.

      And thanks to everyone who came to the IIA meeting in Houston today. So many came up afterward to say hi and then came out to Tweetup. Thanks Cat, new Houston IIA Chapter President, for the invite. You’re the greatest!


    7. Charge hours are down
      Utilization is low
      Man I’m in trouble

    8. partners are scared
      in panic mode it is clear
      worse times than 0 – 1.

    9. A haiku for my staff:

      Another month ends
      Pull thumb out of hindquarters
      Collect my bills, please

    10. Please get your own bills
      we are not bill collectors
      we are auditors

    11. debits credits reign extreme
      winters bite long gone
      a soul sold again

    12. Big 4 life is tough
      If you don’t like it, get out
      And stop your whining

    13. Machiavelli
      of Accounting, ClownCollege
      hath drunk the kool-aid

    14. whining and stating the facts
      two different things
      the big 4 life is overrated

    15. I’ll go for a limerick…

      There once was a poster named ClownCollege
      who took contrarian opinions with full knowledge
      that he would soon see
      the Big Four turn to three
      and a misplaced faith would he acknowledge

    16. Seemed so good at first
      The kool-aid has grown bitter
      Time for office chat

    17. Strategic mistake
      top performers are leaving
      to government jobs

    18. Something from nothing
      Always seemed so magical
      Until it wasn’t.

      New management fads
      Fossilize, thus becoming
      The Stoney Lonesome.

    19. A second effort.

      Cherry-blossoms waft
      O’er unemployed CPAs.
      “Not enough profit.”

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    21. I feel honored to have generated such response from a whimsical haiku I put 2 minutes of thought into.

      Anon 5/7/09 @4:39: That’s not even close to a Haiku. And ironically, I was stating facts. Big 4 life is tough, and the people who don’t like it get out. The only part that annoys me is the whining after the fact. There’s a good chance I had it worse than most here during my 9 years in a Big 4, but I’ve never complained. Maybe it’s because I find it unseemly, maybe I find it unnecessary at this point.

      Rezko: I liked your limerick. My thoughts are indeed very Machiavellian. Until you got to the oh-so-tired Kool-Aid cliche.

      Anonymous limerick: Nice one. I like it. The last line is a bit awkward, but hey, it’s still pretty good. I do tend to be a contrarian, but on a blog with so many views slanted in one direction, there is benefit to the alternative view, yes?

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