• McKenna Interviewed By @MissTrade’s Matt Davio

    By • Aug 29th, 2009 • Category: Pure Content, Where I've Been

    I was video interviewed earlier this week by Matt Davio @MissTrade.  Matt is a full time trader who both swing position trades and daytrades. For whatever reason, there are hundreds of traders who follow me on Twitter and they’re starting to visit this blog in greater and greater numbers.  They tell me that they’re always looking for an edge, information not available elsewhere.  So, I’m gratified they think they’ve found it.  

    I do not actively trade.  I keep telling the trader/markets types that I’m a fundamental kind of girl.  My portfolio, anymore, consists of my vintage Starbucks giftcards, CTA Transit cards with odd amounts, some pre-1965 silver quarters, and a stamp collection. Oh, and lots of very valuable arts and crafts “things” from Latin America. At least that’s what I tell myself. My “things” remind me of the wonderful time I spent traveling around the region, first class, suites at the Four Seasons Mexico City, Executive Platinum on American Airlines, unlimited Diners Club card…

    I digress.

    Listen up and you’ll hear a wide ranging discussion with some new details of my otherwise well-known history and mentions of Lehman Brothers, GE, GM, New CenturySatyamRefco and Huron Consulting.  I also drop names like Michelle Leder and Aaron Task, two people who know much more about where the Dow is going than I do.  

    Maybe I need to come up with a weekly recommended “short this loser”  list…

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